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My big aha moment has been performance improvement. I’ve participated in several races, and won first place in my age group in one, which has never happened before. I’m back to running as fast as I was before baby number 3, with times that rival my PB from 7 or 8 years ago. I can’t wait to see how the rest of race season goes!



DIET...this word has always been a source of hardship and temporary results. When I first heard about Jess's 6 week program that is the first thing that came to mind. Oh no, another diet. Oh no, something that I will do for a short amount of time and just revert back to my old habits at the end (gaining everything back).  Let me tell you. This program is not a DIET, it is a wake up call! Not only was I able to truly get to know what my body does and does not like to consume but it changed my mindset towards food. Food has always been a comfort for me. I would eat when I was bored, eat when I was sad and even eat when I was happy (so naturally I was just constantly eating lol). NOW, I know exactly what I can eat that won't leave me comatose or regretting my decisions. I just had a baby 8 months ago and starting this program was really just a way for me to shed the extra baby weight. You know what? I not only did that but I also found my rhythm when it came to working out again, sleeping better and just being ok with the new me (with a baby). I cannot say enough good things about Jess and the support group I have met through this program. She truly changed my life and in doing so, she made sure I am able to give my new baby girl the best life as well!!



I started this program because I was tired.  All of the time.  Tired of being overweight, hurting all the time, and limited flexibility.  After about 4 weeks, I was easily able to get up and down from the floor. I was able to wear clothes that had been too tight, and was serving as an inspiration to others!  My daughter and several friends changed their eating habits after seeing my results.  I went on a mini vacation and was honest about needing to eat the way I did.  So had a fabulous time, on the program! After the first week, you can have 2 "free" meals a week.  The ironic part, you may not want them!  So happy with my results!  And I am continuing on, with continued support!  Even after the six weeks! I am over 50.  I don't weigh  myself, but wished I had done measurements before starting.   After 6 weeks, I have a whole "new" wardrobe of clothes I had, but were too tight before!  I am staying on this for life.


Jessi’s six week to transformation program was designed for literally anyone who wants to get healthier.  To most of us, when we began this program, “healthier” only meant weight loss, but little did any of us know that the non scale victories were going to be the driving force to much of our individual success stories.  I didn’t join the program to get more energy, but I quickly noticed that I had more energy in my day to day life.  I didn’t join this program to remedy my lack of sleep at night, but to my surprise, I started sleeping so much better.  This is priceless. I didn’t join this program to take a dive into the emotional aspect of my relationship with food, but that is exactly what we all did, together, openly, and with the best support system out there.  Jessi is devoted to each and every one of us, and I am honored to call her a friend.  Thank you, Jessi, for the gift of health that you have given to us, that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.



I started this program with hesitation and doubt. I have been fluctuating with my weight for years. A constant roller coaster. Up and down constantly. I simply began to give up hope telling myself This is it. This is what happens when you get into your forty’s. I was so used to living in pain. I just started to think and accept this is how i’m going to feel. Grip and deal mentally. I’ve tried every type of exercise, every type of  supplement. Sure some would work for a while but nothing was substantial, nothing stuck. 


See I was a college athlete and i’ve always had experience with weight training so over the years I was able to stay disciplined long enough to see some changes but nothing long lasting. 

I simply thought if i hit the gym hard I will be able to get back in shape. That was so far from the truth. 

I was missing so much more that I never knew existed. 


The first thing I was missing was diet. This is so important especially as you get older. I was eating all the wrong foods. Jesse’s program has taught me how to eat correctly. Her program is designed to give you exactly what the body needs to be successful. Fat fueling days are now my favorite. 


The second thing I was missing was the fasting part of this program. In the beginning this part may be challenging but  it  quickly became another favorite part for me. I started sleeping better, the inflammation and bloating in my body reduced drastically in the first week. I think I released like 13 pounds the first week. I felt the immediate impact right away. 


The third thing and most important part that six weeks to transformation teaches you is the spiritual and mental side to our relationship with food. Something as simple as starting your day with what your greatful for has gone such a long way. This program teaches you gratitude. I can honestly say I’m greatful for completing this program. 


Jesse’s knowledge of nutrition is amazing. She cares about each and everyone of her clients. Her dedication and expertise is second to none.  


I can honestly say this will be and has been life changing. I will continue to use and implement everything Jesse and this program has taught me. This is now my way of life.